The SABRE / In2 Awards

Internationally PR Acclaimed Awards
Client: The Holmes Report


For over 25 years The Holmes Report, a leading PR new outlet, has been honoring the very best campaigns to come out of the PR industry. The SABRE Awards has grown to be become a world renowned badge of honor for companies that lead their field in creativity.


Having been let down previously the Holmes Report needed a system that would allow entrants to submit their campaigns, and all supporting materials, directly into a database that could be accessed by judges spanning the globe. Hosting multiple competitions each year in regions around the globe the site also had to be flexible and adapt quickly to changes.


As the Awards span all parts of the globe it was vital that the site be as simple as possible to use. This ensures as many entrants as possible can submit while minimizing errors and presenting the Campaigns in the best possible light to the judges. The site also goes a lot further than normal eCommerce applications and offers extremely flexible payment conditions to meet the processes & rules of an entrant’s company and/or country.


As a company we have handled the SABRE awards for the last 5 years providing both development expertise along with front-line support during deadline. The site now processes in the region of 3000 entries a year and turns over a figure we would probably get in trouble for putting here.


Meet the Team

Chris Leggett
Lead Developer/Founder
James Beer
Lead Designer
John Dillon
Senior .Net Developer
Ross Hunter
Senior PHP Developer
Isla Amin
Lead Copywriter
Matthew Train
Lead Translator
Matthew Wells
WordPress Intern